C.R. Florence

C.R. Florence (he/him), illustrator of Mr. Guy Arc 11, Cyberspace, is a self-taught comics artist, illustrator, and teaching artist. His work explores power dynamics, class-struggle and anti-fascism. C.R.’s comics work

Adrian King

Adrian King (He/They) is writer, podcaster, and voice-actor. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a hyperbolic time chamber, absorbing near-fatal doses of pop culture trivia and obscure song lyrics.

Max Simbron

We work with Max, our production Liaison to make sure we get the greenest printing we can afford! Max Simbron (he/him), is a printer by trade with a decade of experience

Joey Galvez

Joey Galvez (he/him)(Latine) Marketing & PR consultant for Oneshi Press.  Founder of Geek Collective L.L .C. He is the Vice President of the Board of Directors, Head of Crowdfunding ops,

Nikki Powers

Nikki Powers (she/her) lettered Breaking Point in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3 and The Berbackus featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9. She lettered Children of Gaia: Cohorts in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 13, and Installments

Kael McDonald

Kael provided guest art for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 7 and Tracy Queen: Volume 1. He also co-wrote, co-illustrated and lettered Junction featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9 and received an Artist Spotlight in it. Kael