Marcelo Salaza

Illustrator, Letterer

Marcelo illustrated and lettered Bloom Squad featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 9, Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 10, Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 11, Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 12, & Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 13.

Marcelo Salaza began his career as a designer in 1995, in adult comics in Brazil. He worked as an illustrator for newspapers in his city, Rio de Janeiro, in 1996. His first international work was “Novigths“, for Editora Infiniyuprising. He then developed a miniseries for England and has not stopped since. He worked for publishers like Markósia, Bluewaterprod, Image Comics, Titan Comics, EVC Press, Zenoscope, Markosia, Aprobattion Comics, Grayhaven Comics, Scattered Studios, Isle Squared Comics, and Action Labs Entertainment, among others.