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Getting Close…

2016-01-15 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press is getting Close! We’re super excited to report that our preparations for launch are reaching a fever pitch! Our Patreon page is almost ready to show to the world, and we are tying together the last of our loose ends before we start to publish the books that will share our visions with the world! The artwork that our resident artist, Jayel Draco, has been creating recently is enthralling, and the ideas flying from our head [ more...]
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Preparations Continue…

2015-12-10 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press has been busy doing lots of behind-the-scenes work with preparations for launching. We’ve updated the website a few times, as you may have noticed if you’ve been adventuring our way over the months. And we’ve been preparing our Patreon Page, carefully considering how to present ourselves to the community there, and—more importantly—figuring out how to reward our supporters for their help when they give it! [ more...]