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COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia by Jayel Draco

This 150-page, illustrated, narrative, fantasy art book explores the cultures, histories, and social structures of the five Great Nations, narrated and illustrated from the perspective of Jan’Ka’Zian, a fictional character from the Children of Gaia series.
“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the sort of book you tuck away with the most treasured novels in your library, removing it from the shelf every now and then simply to admire it.”—Caitlin O’Connor (Reader’s Favorite review)

Children of Gaia - The Great nations of Rendaraia - Book Front CoverSigned first edition
Trade paperback $29.99 (+ shipping)
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Signed & numbered limited edition, 1 of 50
Hardcover $59.99 (+ shipping)
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Oneshi Press Anthology #01

This anthology is the first of an ongoing series that will share some of Oneshi Press’s own worlds and stories, along with other progressive, immersive, and gorgeous works from our community of incredibly talented artists! In these pages, you’ll find tales of humble beginnings, exciting adventures, and contemplative endings from the minds of Jayel Draco, Lynsey G., Miguel Colón, and Tom Swift Bird.

High-quality printed comic book anthology
$7.49 (+ shipping)
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Digital copy now available from Comixology.
$2.99 (digital)

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