COG: Carrying Iron (Digital .PDF)

Children of Gaia: Carrying Iron

“Carrying Iron” is an eight-page comic set in the seedy underbelly of Ralliesport, the capital city of the Republic of Draven in the realm of Terra. Written by Peter Lampasona, illustrated by D.L. Johnson, and lettered by Cardinal Rae, this short comic takes readers into the shadows of a Ralliesport jazz club, where dubious dealings are made along to the musical stylings of a kidnapped transport from the New World. The Rendaraian jazz singer has picked her own fiddler for tonight’s show…but will she get out alive?

“Carrying Iron” introduces the Triggerman, a legendary figure who haunts the pages of Children of Gaia books (like War & Horses) and the imaginations of both Terrans and Rendaraians…and now, comics readers, as well.

“COG: Carrying Iron” is was originally published in Oneshi Press Anthology #08, and may be featured in future COG collected works. … Continue readingCOG: Carrying Iron (Digital .PDF)


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