keetsunekkah fox fantasy creature shadowind cover art oneshi press anthology #09 justice creator interview

An Interview with OPCA #09 Cover Artist, Shadowind

2020-02-12 | 1 Comment

"I've always believed little things matter, and if a story and/or artwork can lift someone's spirits and bring them joy even just a little, or make them feel less alone, and inspire them, I think it can have a chain reaction that goes beyond what we can even begin to perceive." — Shadowind [...read more...]
the berbackus chris lackie creator interview oneshi press

An Interview with Comics Writer Chris Lackie

2020-01-22 | 0 Comments

"Like the Dark Knight Detective, I too spend my nights patrolling the wretched underbelly of my cursed city, protecting innocents from criminals who would do them harm for nothing more than the sick joy it brings—I'm just kidding. The thought of leaving the house after the sun goes down makes my tum-tum hurt." — Chris Lackie [...read more...]

Farewell, 2019. Hello, 2020!

2020-01-02 | 0 Comments

Now that 2020 has begun, we’re taking a look back at what we did in 2019—and it turns out we did a lot! So here’s a quick recap. In 2019, Oneshi Press… Released Oneshi Press Anthology #7, featuring work from nearly two dozen indie creators! Started publishing standalone short comics like “Guts,” “COG: Refuge,” and “COG: Carrying Iron“! Published Tracy Queen, Volume 1 after a successful [...read more...]
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