Oneshi Press's "Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia" Sample - Free Download

The Great Nations of Rendaraia: Free Sample

2016-07-26 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press is giving away the introduction to The Great Nations of Rendaraia as a free sample! Rendaraia is a world where magic, civilization, and nature have long coexisted, but it has come under attack by foreign invaders who are laying waste to its many cultures and peoples. The Great Nations of Rendaraia is an art book both written and illustrated from the perspective of Jan’Ka’Zian, a character within the greater Children of Gaia [...read more...]

Jayel Draco Livestreaming Tonight!

2016-06-21 | 0 Comments

Some images from Jayel’s last livestream. Things have been rolling along at a steady yet escalating pace here at Oneshi Press! We are thrilled to report that we have already surpassed our first monthly goal at Patreon! With generous donations from fans, we have purchased two webcams. Our incredibly talented illustrator (and Oneshi co-founder) Jayel Draco will livestream his art-making process with those webcams tonight! At 5:00 pm Mountain [...read more...]
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Patreon Page Launched!

2016-05-19 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press is jubilant over announcing the launch of its Patreon page! Via the page, supporters of our beautiful, complex, immersive worlds can contribute to the cause of bringing them to life by pledging any dollar amount per month in exchange for a variety of great rewards. The support of patrons enables us to actually produce finished pages of work on each of our three current projects, which we will gleefully send out into the world as [...read more...]
Oneshi Press - Patreon Campaign Profile Banner

Getting Close…

2016-01-15 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press is getting Close! We’re super excited to report that our preparations for launch are reaching a fever pitch! Our Patreon page is almost ready to show to the world, and we are tying together the last of our loose ends before we start to publish the books that will share our visions with the world! The artwork that our resident artist, Jayel Draco, has been creating recently is enthralling, and the ideas flying from our head [...read more...]
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Preparations Continue…

2015-12-10 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press has been busy doing lots of behind-the-scenes work with preparations for launching. We’ve updated the website a few times, as you may have noticed if you’ve been adventuring our way over the months. And we’ve been preparing our Patreon Page, carefully considering how to present ourselves to the community there, and—more importantly—figuring out how to reward our supporters for their help when they give it! [...read more...]
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2015-10-21 | 0 Comments

Hello brave explorer, Greeting! This is our first test post, so we won’t jam you up with a ton of info just yet. For now let’s keep things basic and introductory. Suffice it to say that we are in the business of creating custom realities. Bold fantasy worlds, some quite like the one you’re used to, with just a few things out of place–and some very far from home, with a smattering of features you might recognize. Children [...read more...]
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