OPCA #01 – #04 (Paperback bundle)


Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies #01 – #04 Paperback Bundle

Save $15 on this early-anthologies bundle, which includes $40 worth of comics. That’s 162 pages of awesome! This bundle delivers the first four Oneshi Press anthologies in high-quality paperback glory! Featuring:

  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #01
    44 pages. 4 x eight-page comics, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02
    54 pages. 5 x eight-page comics, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03
    64 pages. 6 x eight-page comics, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04
    60 pages. 5 x eight-page comics, 1 x four-page comic, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

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This bundle includes 4 comics anthologies:

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #01

See how Tracy Queen began her journey from warlord to adult film star! Learn how one stray man completed his PACK of vigilante dogs! Explore the meaning of heroism in the first installment of Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel! And consider what begins from endings in “Anthropocene Twilight”! 

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02 turns your expectations on their heads in installments from Oneshi Press’s Tracy Queen and PACK. Continue a post-apocalyptic search for heroism in Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel. See the underbelly of the superhero-industrial complex in “Confidence Game.” And explore war and play in “Trenches.”

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03

The creator-owned comics inside Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03 will immerse you in richly imagined worlds, progressive plots, and gorgeous art. Explore Tracy Queen and PACK! Stroll on the supervillain side in “Trouble with a Capital T”! Ponder paranoia in space in “Breaking Point”! Witness the weirdness of the post apocalypse with Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel! Fast-forward to the far future in “Scripture”! All wrapped in a gorgeous cover by Akhilesh.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04

In Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04, indie creators peek into corners of the human experience. Take a hard look at Tracy Queen. Witness depths of depravity in “The Bottle.” Watch as humans let fly their filth in “Dispose.”  Ponder a man-made experiment in “Heartbreaker.” Look in on memories of “That Time I Turned 30 in Greece.”  Shiver along with the PACK. Let cover art by Tom Barton take your breath away!

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