LOMACK – Free Sample


Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel – Free Sample (Digital .PDF)

10 pages.

The nuclear apocalypse came and went…leaving behind a trail of destruction that one lone warrior—a mutated soldier with giant orange mohawk and a katana—must seek to set right. Explore Miguel Colón’s stunning landscape in this free sample of Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel.

Read more of Lomack’s journey, serially published in Oneshi Press Anthologies #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, and #10.


From the brilliant and enigmatic mind of fine artist Miguel Colón springs Lomack—the big blue mutant forged in the fires of the apocalypse . His pre-war past haunts every step of his long journey toward redemption. Retracing the steps he remembers from before the bomb went off, Lomack defends a village from a tyrannical overlord and meets a woman who reminds him of all he’s lost…even as her young son looks into his future and sees more violence yet to come.



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