OPCA #01 – #04 (Paperback bundle)


Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies #01 – #04 Paperback Bundle

Save $15 on this early-anthologies bundle, which includes $40 worth of comics. That’s 162 pages of awesome! This bundle delivers the first four Oneshi Press anthologies in high-quality paperback glory! Featuring:

  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #01
    44 pages. 4 x eight-page comics, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02
    54 pages. 5 x eight-page comics, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03
    64 pages. 6 x eight-page comics, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.
  • Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04
    60 pages. 5 x eight-page comics, 1 x four-page comic, 4 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

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This bundle includes 4 comics anthologies:

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #01

See how Tracy Queen began her journey from warlord to indie p*rn star! Learn how one stray man completed his PACK of vigilante dogs! Explore the meaning of heroism in the first installment of Miguel Colón’s graphic novel Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel! And consider what begins from endings in Tom Swift Bird‘s short comic, “Anthropocene Twilight”! 

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #02 features installments from Oneshi Press’s Tracy Queen and PACK. Continues a post-apocalyptic search for heroism in Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel. See the underbelly of the superhero industrial complex in “Confidence Game.” And explore war and play in “Trenches.”

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03

The creator-owned comics inside Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #03 will immerse you in richly imagined worlds, progressive plots, and gorgeous art. Explore Tracy Queen and PACK! Witness the weirdness of the post apocalypse with Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel! Stroll on the supervillain side in “Trouble with a Capital T”! Ponder paranoia in space in “Breaking Point”! Fast-forward to the far future in “Scripture”! Wrapped in a gorgeous cover by Akhilesh.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04

In Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #04, indie creators peek into corners of the human experience. Take a hard look at Tracy Queen. Witness depths of depravity in “The Bottle.” Watch as humans let fly their filth in “Dispose.”  Ponder a man-made experiment in “Heartbreaker.” Look in on memories of “That Time I Turned 30 in Greece.”  Shiver along to PACK. Let cover art by Tom Barton take your breath away!

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