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Introducing Oneshi Press Digital One-Offs, Starring “Guts”

2019-02-28 | 0 Comments

Oneshi Press is embarking on a brand-new publishing journey! We love publishing comics collections, where each work of brilliance exists in conversation with others around it. But we also want to give our short comics the chance to shine on their own. That’s why, after nearly two years of publishing full-length books, we’re taking off in another direction with digital one-off comics on Comixology! First up? The comedy horror short [ more...]
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5 Reasons Why We Lurrrv Indie Publishing!

2019-02-13 | 0 Comments

It's nearly Valentine's Day, and that means we're thinking about our lurrv of indie publishing. It's not always easy, but we do it because we believe that storytelling can—and regularly does—change the world for the better, and we want to do it our way. [ more...]
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