Secret Santa Art Exchange

Wishing you a Super-Ultra-Happy-Merry Christmahanuramadanakwanzakyule ! ! !

Like making cool stuff? Like getting cool stuff? Use this form below to sign up for the Secret Santa Artwork Exchange hosted by Oneshi Press and The DraCrew!


  • You must sign up by the 15th of December.
  • Sign up with either your Twitch or Discord username
  • A recipient will be assigned to you on the 16th of December.
  • You may stream your work, but keep the recipient secret.
  • Keep it PG-13, since everyone’s got different feelz about that.
  • Send your recipient a digital image of your art by the 23rd of December.
  • You may also mail them the original or a print if you so choose,
    and your recipient agrees to give you their mailing address.
  • After the 24th, post your work with the hashtag #SecretSantaArtExchange
    & post it in the DraCrew Discord Channel #SecretSantaArtExchange
  • Put forth your best effort, and have fun!

Sign-up for this year are over. Please join us next year!

Got questions about the secret-santa-art-exchange? We’d love to answer them!


Special thanks to RougeRogue for submitting this gift exchange idea to us,
and special thanks to Jsquared for helping to facilitate it!

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