Rest in Peace, DeusNova42


Oneshi Press is heartbroken to make the following announcement. Our beloved friend, live-stream co-pilot, dedicated moderator, marketing consultant, and patron, DeusNova42, has passed away. Deus, AKA Jess, was a pillar of the Oneshi Press community. A born leader, a devoted friend, and a constant source of inspiration, love, and kindness to all who knew her, she is already sorely missed.

Her tragic passing has devastated the community. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we apologize for any delays in communication or erratic scheduling this week. We are processing our feelings and remain present for the grieving of our community. To that effect, there will be a live-stream tonight. Jayel will work on page 6 of “Children of Gaia: Refuge,” and we invite all our community members to join him for a stream in loving remembrance of Deus.

Our hearts are with you. (Thanks to Jacey Chase for this wonderful eggplant-heart graphic.)

eggplant heart

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